Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A gift from a fellow artist

Some weeks ago I was the lucky winner of Donna Watson's (of Layers fame) hand made book The Beauty of Nothingness.

And of course not only is it filled with beautiful imagery but also reflections on the importance of nothingness. And because because she is a mixed media collage painter Donna's parcel had those other creative bits with it.

Thanks Donna for the book; and for the ongoing layers; and reflections on Zen.


  1. Lucky you! what a wonderful present.

  2. Goodonya Barry...a treasure of a book.

  3. P, R and JM - I feel very fortunate. So good that we artists can share stuff. B

  4. Hi Barry, Whew! I had to scroll down a number of posts to find this one... you certainly are an active blog poster. I have been away from the blog world for 2 weeks or so and I can sure miss a lot of blog posts. And I saw that I also missed some "give aways" from you too. Thank you for this post on my book... from what you create and write about, I know the words in this book will resonate with how you view the world... through Zen eyes.


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