Friday, April 11, 2014

A slightly different request

It is funny how one thing can lead to another.

©2014 Barry Smith - Handles of cake knives
I started selling my ladles through Maleny Additions (MA); and then added in Leafspoons. Some time ago I posted on the request I got through MA to make a cake lifter. The couple wanted it for their wedding. They were satisfied with the result; and then said would it be possible for me to make a matching cake knife. Well given I use recycle material I could not use the same metal (silver plate over copper from a heavy ornate tray - once it is gone it is gone); but fortunately I had another silver plated copper tray in my stash with a similar pattern.

So I have made two options; a more traditional wedding cake knife shape; and a dagger form - bit more game of thrones or whatever. The more traditional form is 30cm long; and the dagger form is 25cm long.
©2014 Barry Smith - Cake knives
©2014 Barry Smith - Dagger form wedding cake knife
©2014 Barry Smith - Handle of the dagger form - three rods of copper on each side of the blade
©2014 Barry Smith - More traditional wedding cake knife
©2014 Barry Smith - four strands of copper riveted on one side of blade
I have formed a bend into the blades to stiffen the blades. And as you can see one handle has 4 strands of wire (2X2) and the other six (2X3). I think they have worked out well. They were delivered to MA today so that they can contact the couple to see if this is what they want. And yes they do cut - I was able to cut a slice of baguette bread with each knife.

Its Friday - so must be off to have a glass of red.


  1. Those cake knives are absolutely stunning!

  2. Wow, they are so unusual and very arty ! I love the way you have riveted the copper wire handle.
    ..... and now it is time for us to have our glasses of red.

  3. Hi AA & R - always good to have a couple of the members of our blog community to drop by and leave a comment - thanks. AA - they do have a certain unique appeal. R - thanks for the wow. I think the young couple will have something different - and yes the different rivet patterns added to the design. I enjoyed my red hope you enjoyed yours. Go well. B


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