Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On the terraces at the back of our house we have about 50 Camellia bushes. All started life about 6 years ago as wee plants; and now they are 2m tall. Maybe because we have had a dryer wet season this year we have had a great abundance of flowers. We planted white, pink-white, pink and red-pink bushes moving from white to red-pink as the bushes are spaced away from the stone river through the terraces.

So many petals falling like coloured snow on the blue stone of the terraces.

And such a display of colour by the individual bushes and flowers.

One of the buses has a beautiful bird's nest in it; and as you can see from the last photo the bees also love the flowers. The photos were taken with the iPhone.


  1. What a gorgeous explosion of color! Stunning.

  2. They look lovely, have you thought of planting tea Camellias? I know you have coffee so perhaps you could have both, although I think making tea is not as easy.

  3. Pure delight, B, a lovely time of year when the camellias bloom. The fallen petals are very pretty.

  4. Hi J, AA, P TL and C - thanks for sharing the delights of the Camelias. J & TL - yes beautiful. AA - and the explosion of colour goes on - seems like we have had blossoms for weeks now. P - yes we had planned to put in a tea hedge - still might plant it yet. C - I think the fallen petals are a delight - such fragments of colour covering the ground. All - go well and enjoy the beauty nature offers. B


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