Sunday, May 4, 2014

Commission Completed

During the week I completed the last 20 of the Leaf Letter Openers - all 100 are now completed; and sent off the the commissioning company. Good to have the 100 pieces out there; but like many commissions it was a bit taxing.

©2014 Barry Smith - A stash of Leaf Letter Openers
©2014 Barry Smith -  Leaf Letter Openers - packed ready for delivery
©2014 Barry Smith - Last 50 LLOs were done in batches of 10
In the end I probably started about 130 Leaf Letter Openers; and completed about 110. Twenty (20) did not make the end of the creation process as the recycled metal could not handle the stress of the fold forming and fractured.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fractured metal
Ten were not included in the delivery because of length - perfectly good Leaf Letter Openers but not the dimension I specified in the quote. These will find a home in my online shop and Maleny Additions.

©2014 Barry Smith - Petiote Leaf Letter Openers
As indicated in my Friday post - the completion of this commission frees me up to create more bowls; Travellers' Shrines; and larger sculptural pieces.


  1. Good to be done, eh? They look lovely and well presented in their boxes. Have a great week!

  2. hi Barry, I am having terrible trouble reading your blog as the Grey background with black text hasn't enough contrast for my old eyes and I really like reading your blog.

  3. Hi VA & P - thanks for stopping by. VA - good commission - but good to have it behind me. P - sorry about the contrast - I will see what I can do. Go well. B


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