Friday, May 16, 2014

This and that

Today included some starts and some finishes.  In the finishing department I finished: a small bowl; my Steampunk lamp; and a ladle for Fiona. In the starting department I started: a Steampunk pen-brush holder; and a bunch of brass and copper leaves for an up coming event.

The bowl was made from a small ornate plate (about 12-15cm in diameter) with a pressed pattern of flowers and leaves. I sweated the base off and after annealing it I sunk it, hammered the inside on the anvil and them planished the back on a stake. The end product I was going for was a simple beautiful hammered bowl in which you could still see the underlying original pressed pattern.

©2014 Barry Smith - Re-worked brass platter
©2014 Barry Smith - Re-worked brass platter
I finished the Steampunk lamp by adding some additional decorative bits, wiring it up and testing it. And yes it does work; and no nothing shorted out. I will however have it fully checked by a licensed electrician.

©2014 Barry Smith - Steampunk lamp
©2014 Barry Smith - Steampunk lamp
Recently Fiona offered up a ladle I had given her. A friend wanted a present urgently and wanted a ladle with interest. Today I made a similar ladle. Note the company mark on the soldering iron head - JS. We think not means 'just a soup ladle'.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona's new ladle
©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona's new ladle
The Steampunk pen-brush holder is being made from a discarded blowtorch. I intend to have a sealed off section on either side of the blowtorch element to hold the pens-brushes. I could not finish this piece off as I have set the copper sides of sealed section in cold epoxy - which will probably take a day or two to set.

©2014 Barry Smith - Dismantled grungy blowtorch
©2014 Barry Smith - Polished parts in the process of assemblage
And at the end of the day I finished cutting and forming a stash of leaves. The photo shows the leaves drying on the annealing pit.

©2014 Barry Smith - Laf forms in the making
Looking back I did get quite a few bits and pieces done on this art Friday. Time now to think about creating a couple of pizzas to be accompanied by a glass of red.


  1. You certainly get a lot done in a day, B, and with great results. That brass bowl is beautiful; as is everything you make. I love Fiona's ladle, and your light and brush holder are very clever. The colour on those leaves is magical! You deserve pizza and red wine after such a busy day.

    1. Hi C - thanks for you positive words. Always good to have a range of things on the go. Fiona's ladle has proved to be very popular. Go well. B

  2. wow B!! that's a lot of nice things! I do love the underlying pattern on that hammered dish. and the steampunk lamp is just awesome! i can imagine that hanging on the wall or sitting on my study table in my castle :) yes ... castle :)
    I hope someday i might have the opportunity to do heavy metal working like you. making awesome stuff like that steampunk lamp!!


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