Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sculpture on the block

©2014 Barry Smith - Nature's installation in one of my pieces
Over the weekend Fiona and I moved the organ into place down between the Mango trees; and moved a bit of our 3D pieces around the block; or just cleared the area so one could now see them more clearly.

I took photos of the pieces at dawn today - soft light - a hint of darkness still.

Some of the pieces are shown below.

©2014 Barry Smith - Organ in position but yet to add the seat etc

©2014 Barry Smith - Organ in position but yet to add the seat etc
©2013 Barry Smith SZQ's Iris plus a fence post and rust thingy
©2014 Barry Smith - Fiona's rusted fabric pieces installed on a weathered gate post
©2014 Barry Smith - Rust and wood amidst the Agaves 
©2014 Barry Smith - A gathering of posts
©2014 Barry Smith - Looking to the right of the front of the house
©2014 Barry Smith - Looking to the right of the front of the house
©2014 Barry Smith - Lena hiding under the ferns and bamboo
©2014 Barry Smith - Foil flowers re-installed
©2014 Barry Smith - A rust folly amidst the Agave
Good to see old friends and a couple of new pieces.

©2014 Clouds and mountain layers in the morning
And above shows the lakes of cloud in the valley below.


  1. Great collection!! The foil flowers have a relationship to the leaves that you just sold... love the multiples that seem to sway in the wind.

  2. That organ is perfectly placed. Your garden is evolving most interestingly.

  3. Just simply lovely Barry. What a delightful and soul soothing sculpture garden you've got. And that view! Left me breathless.

  4. B, the organ placement is perfect! Your garden sculptures look wonderful and I have serious envy every time I see the iris.

  5. how wonderful it is to be living amongst and creating art ... a dream home ...

  6. VA, JM, J, C & LT - just as some folk say they are catching up on posts - so IO say I'm catching tip on published comments. Thank you for them - it is a very positive way of knowing that the posts are being shared with our art community. VA - you are right in your assessment of one of the inspirations for the bending leaves. This morning I saw that some of the foil handles had water in them. Small bird drinking bowls maybe. JM & C - thanks re the placement of the organ. I still have not had time to add to it yet. J - thanks - as you will experience one day it is a pretty restful place. LT - we know we are really fortunate - we don't take it fore granted as we know many folk don't have the abundance we have. But as I have said before - we are happy to share with visiting fellow artists. All - go well. B


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