Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Creating a bunch of bowls

Due to the sales of bowls through the gallery-shop and Gary Myers Galley (Maleny) I have got back into creating Pods and Starburst bowls.

©2014 Barry Smith - Fire colour on a bowl

I have started a number of bigger bowls and Pods; but along the way go distracted and decided to make a bunch of small Starburst bowls. Why do I call them Starburst bowls? Well the bowls are shallow and conical in shape; and by hammering the bowls in two different directions I am able to create the effect of lines spreading out or bursting from the centre point.

I started these bowls using real discards of metal - even I thought I might not use these pieces.

©2014 Barry Smith - Almost discarded end of trays
But once they were trimmed and sunk into a shallow bowl form you can see they have potential. I cut disks of metal out of most of the pieces once I had annealed and straightened them a bit; but I also kept the pieces that did not go full circle - I wanted to see how they turned out.

©2014 Barry Smith - Rudimentary bowls
After a couple of rounds of annealing and hammering they took on ragged raised bowl shapes.

©2014 Barry Smith - Roughly raised bowls
And using another stake and hammering in a counter direction the stardust shape appeared.

©2014 Barry Smith - Starburst bowls in the rough
And of course there can always be a casualty along the way - a split bowl.

©2014 Barry Smith - Split on a fold linen in the piece of metal
Once the Starburst bowls were ground and polished they showed why it is good not to discard even some of the not so appealing metal.

©2014 Barry Smith - Three Starburst bowls from round disks 
©2014 Barry Smith - Three Starburst bowls from odd shaped 'disks'
©2014 Barry Smith - Backs of Starburst bowls 
And the casualty and the stray copper bowl even look good.

©2014 Barry Smith - Small copper and brass Starburst bowls
©2014 Barry Smith - Split in the brass bowl is evident
The small Starburst bowls are about 44-50mm in diameter and 10-15mm deep.


  1. What a transformation, Barry! The odd shaped bowls are very appealing... more natural , like sea shells or fungi.

  2. these bowls are beautiful!

  3. I was thinking just what Robyn did - they remind me of shelf fungi, beautiful.

  4. Magical manipulation B, from very ordinary pieces to truly beautiful! I love the split one, even a mistake has real beauty. Stunning post.

  5. Hi R, EB, VA & C - thanks for checking out this effort of moving from scraps to some beauty.R & VA - you are so right about shelf or plate forms of fungi - I think that may have been the inspiration for the Starburst bowls. C - I'm sure there are a few folk who also admire the split bowl - in fact it will be given away as a small birthday token to a friend. EB - thanks for checking out my blog. All - Go well. B


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