Friday, May 29, 2015

A lot goes into the preparation

©2015 Barry Smith - Once was the base of a candlestick
As most artists know there is a lot of work that goes into the preparation before creation. Today was one of those days: this morning  - disassembling 20 silver-plated wine goblets (more on that on Sunday); and this afternoon - lots of polishing of the pieces for the Steampunk-Industrial lamps.

But as you can see the end result is worth all the grinding etc when you check out a photo of the floor lamp before I started.

©2015 Barry Smith - Floor lamp roughly assembled
And the pile of shiny bits after I finished - now ready for assembling.

©2015 Barry Smith - Floor lamp - disassembled and polished - ready for reconstruction
And the polished bits for three smaller lamps.

©2015 Barry Smith - Shiny bits for three small lamps
©2015 Barry Smith - Patina, polished brass and rust - got to love that
I used the polishing time as an opportunity to sharpen and clean some of my metal scribes.

©2015 Barry Smith - Bunch of sharpened metal scribes and 1 centre punch.
A good day's work that will lead to good creations. Now off to make pizza; and drink a little red.


  1. An excellent day's work, Barry, and how beautiful the components look for your lamps. And now you've made me think about pizza!

    1. Hi C - as you can see from my follow up post - all the shiny and intriguing bits came together. And homemade pizza can be the best. Go well. B

  2. Really like the candlestick base. The lamp you made with it is my favourite!

  3. Hi L - the lamp with the candlestick lamp shade is now a permanent resident in our house - so we like it too. Cheers. B


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