Friday, May 8, 2015

Fun on Friday

©2015 Fiona Dempster - A pair of rough hearts
©2015 Fiona Dempster - Heart in hand
Well I have talked about it enough; and today I finally got around to trying it - smelting and forming some of my silver-plated copper and EPNS offcuts. In Sunday's post I will share process photos - today some of the out comes. This was the first time I had used the mini smelting furnace; and first time I have poured into graphite forms in the open air - quite a few lesson learnt.  I still love the fact that it worked; and love the texture created by the inexpert pouring in cool outdoors.

©2015 Barry Smith - The rough pour of items - trimmed and polished
©2015 Barry Smith - Back of heart 2
©2015 Barry Smith - Front of heart 2
©2015 Barry Smith - Top of rectangular ingot
©2015 Barry Smith - Side of rectangular ingot
©2015 Barry Smith - Top of thinner rectangular ingot
©2015 Barry Smith - Top of cross
©2015 Barry Smith - Back of cross
©2015 Barry Smith - Possum?
©2015 Barry Smith - Top and side of deeper ingot
©2015 Barry Smith - Top of Heart 2
©2015 Barry Smith - Blob pound out onto pumice pit
Usually poured pieces are totally ground back but in consultation with my local art advisory (who claimed the first heart piece) it was decided to retain much of the moulding texture and foibles as you can see from the photos above. Well it has been a big and fun day; so after all the art and spreading gravel; and doing this post, homemade pizza will be had and red wins will be drunk.


  1. Love these Barry, especially the hearts, I make a lot of cloth hearts. Pride comes before a fall, I was so pleased with my pain management then on to a heap of new exercises and pow, I ache and the painkillers are not doing nice things to my stomach. Tomorrow is another day!

  2. ooohhh! photo number seven is sublime.

  3. What fun! And what wonderful textures and forms. Outstanding results!

  4. absolutely beautiful... incredible textures - you have here multiple ways to share the art - interesting photos but those pieces to hold in the hand or to set as cabochons.i can see small ones tied to strings to attach to some of fiona's books. don't you just love fire? :0)

  5. Fantastic, Baz, can't wait to see them - N

  6. JM, P, V, AA MJ & N - hi all - thanks for checking out the results of the smelt; and your positive comments - much appreciated. JM - you can see why I did not want to grind the texture off. P - hearts is a good way to go - sorry to hear that you are still not well and in pain - may the days ahead see improvement. V - good to have the variety to appeal to our different tastes. AA - you would so enjoy it. MJ - thanks - you would appreciate the process - one day. N - thanks. B

  7. I'm a bit slow to get here Barry, but so impressed with this process. Love them all. I just know great things will come of this - can't wait...

  8. Hi C- great outcomes - I will be a bit better prepared next time. Go well. B

  9. O...M...G!!!!!!! I'm gonna faint from texture gorgeousness! I think i would be quite happy holding the ingots or the hearts in my palm the whole day and just staring at them! i so love the side of the rectangular ingot image.


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