Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We say no to family violence

Tomorrow there will be a Say No to Domestic Violence Walk at 11.30am from Tesch Park to the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre.

Many of us will walk and bear witness to the fact that domestic violence exists in our community; and we don't like it - in fact we say no more domestic violence in all its forms in our local and the wider community.

Over the last few years, thanks to Fiona, Fair Agenda, Destroy the Joint, Counting Dead Women, White Ribbon Day and MNC, I have become aware of facts associated with violence in the home. One fact that grinds away is that every week of the year at least one women is murdered in Australia by a member of her own household - most often her male partner or her former male partner.

A couple of years ago it was the equivalent of 1 per week; then last year it as1.5 per week; and so far this year it has been 2 per week.

I have made 52 purple crosses with red cords. The purple represents women; the crosses represents murdered women; and the red cord represents the violence of their deaths.

©2015 Barry Smith - 52 crosses - 52 weeks of the year in which women are murdered - and we call it domestic violence!!!!
Too many women are murdered in their own home by people they should be loved by; respected by ; and nurtured by. These murders should never happen; and it should stop.

©2015 Barry Smith - 52 crosses representing too many dead women.

We need to name true deaths of these women for what they are - they are murders. We, our community, our governments, our law enforcers; and our legal system.

We will also celebrate the resilience and courage of women who surveyed abusive relationships; protected their children; and gone on to live positive, productive and valuable lives in our community.


  1. a beautiful and powerful tribute. domestic violence is a dark secret that resides behind doors and destroys lives - thank you both for your work in bringing it to light.

  2. A powerful tribute to those who have suffered.

  3. You are so right, Barry - we need to call these things by their names - not disguise them. More power to you...

  4. A beautiful meaningful piece Barry - great photo with the gravel background.

  5. Beautifully described in words and objects, Barry, this terrible scourge that seems to grow weekly. You and Fiona always speak out, makes me so proud to know you. Very moving. Go well, as we all should in our wonderful country.

  6. Hi MJ, JM, S, H & C - thanks for your support on this very worrying and important issue. MJ - dark secret indeed - better cot bring it out into the light so we can do something about it on personal and social levels. JM - they really deserve it. S - thank you. H - a ret can sometimes speak the truth. C - thanks - we all need to stand together on this. All - go well. Peace. B

  7. Beautiful and powerful. Well done!


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