Sunday, May 3, 2015

Easily distracted

©2015 Barry Smith - Bits left over from a metal cutting process - polished ready for use.
Over the weekend I was in production mode.

Recently I have had a bit of a run on my Daily Words and Daily Leaf Words sets; so I need to make a number of each to go in our 601mvr gallery-shop. As usual this starts with cutting up trays for the metal - both for the bowls and the words - which I did on Saturday. Then the rest of the weekend was to be given over to stamping words; and turning some of the stamped metal into small leaf form. The bowls will be formed during the coming week.

I did manage to do all the stamping - 5 sets (7 words per set) for Daily Words; 8 sets for Daily Leaf Words; and about 25-30 words to be given away. And I did manage to: cut; form; grind; and polish the leaf-forms (each is 6-8cm long).

©2015 Barry Smith - stamped leaf forms in the rough
©2015 Barry Smith - Seven sets of seven daily leaf words
©2015 Barry Smith - Words for giving away
©2015 Barry Smith - one lot of metal busted - I got 4 goodish leaves which I will give away
But the process of stamping and making 56 leaf forms does get a bit tedious; so made a few bits and pieces of Found and Formed Jewellery from offcuts from the earlier process of cutting up trays.

©2015 Barry Smith - Cuff bracelet - cut from a quality silver-plated EPNS place mat
©2015 Barry Smith - Cuff bracelet - silver-plated
©2015 Barry Smith - Brooch made from corner of ornate rectangular tray 
©20125 Barry Smith - Zigzag earrings made from long slivers of metal
©2015 Barry Smith - Almost square earrings - decorations cut from a small silver-plated EPNS tray
©2015 Barry Smith - Corners from a tray - stamped - solid gold jump-ring
Always good to have a balance. The jewellery bits will make their way into the online shop in the near further.


  1. What a haul, Barry; such a busy and decorative day you've had. Always inspiring.

  2. Wow! You were on a roll. What a productive day.

  3. what a lot to achieve in one weekend! And I sat around visualising my work for two days in order to be able to move forward!! Love those triangle earrings.

  4. Hi C, J and SB - thanks for your visit and comments - never a dull moment on the mountain. Peace - B.


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