Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A delightful morning and the passing of a storm

One of our words for the day was delight. For the first time in a while it was a good morning to walk - no wind or rain - cold but with more light in the sky.

©20125 Barry Smith - Sunrise on Trehaven Way - the birds were waking up.
It felt like a rejuvenating day with signs that spring is not far away - flowers beginning to bud and unfurl; and wattle showing up in patches.

I loved the tiny droplets of dew that still clung to some of the small flowers brave enough to blossom or even have passed their prime.

©2015 Barry Smith - Delicate dewdrops on a tiny white blossom

Bees were out early - a little sluggish but already working. I also came across the top of a hive in one of the yards  I cut through on my walk - wax and a little honey left for the workers.

On Wednesday afternoon last week Fiona and I sat on the southern deck and drank wine as we watched a storm form in the valley, drop a little rain and then clear sky again after a rainbow.

©2015 Barry Smith - Storm forming in the valley 
©2015 Barry Smith - Rain using towards us
©2015 Barry Smith - Rain using towards us
©2015 Barry Smith - A dark broody double rainbow over the mountains
©2015 Barry Smith - And the storm shower has passed and the western sky lights up again
What is not to delight in the show of nature.

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  1. I think the show of nature is one of the greatest delights in our world, and can be found everywhere, from city streets to native forests. Your photos are wonderful, B!


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