Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Early birds and blossoms….

I believe spring officially starts on the 1 September - guess nobody told the birds and blossoms about that. Over the last week the outriders of the blossom world have begun to show their colour.

The post today will in the main just show a little of that colour I captured on the morning walk on Monday and today. Some with tiny droplets of dew (one has to look closely) - love that in the early morning; and some not yet quite unfurled.

And of course the birds - native Mynah bird annoying a Kookaburra - against grey morning sky

A little fungi forest …

©2015 Barry Smith - Delicate fungi forest
©2015 Barry Smith - Delicate fungi detail
An unusual cloud formation to start the day

There is no doubt such beauty is a grand way to start the day.


  1. While the flora along your morning walk are lovely, it's the landscape that takes my breath away. What an incredible panorama. It's a wonder you and Fiona ever venture off your mountain. Enjoy!

  2. Amazing the variety of bold colours you find on a single walk - and I love that fungi and those clouds!

  3. Hi J&F - thanks for checking out the colour of my walks and leaving a comment. J - I must say we never tire of that panorama - forever changing. Something to share omen day? F - the clouds and fungi are a bit alike in some way - both beautiful and both short lived. Peace. B

  4. anticipation as winter leaves. great close-ups and those mushrooms are spectacular!

  5. Such lovely photos Barry, only trouble with spring coming is heat soon follows.

  6. All beautiful, Barry, and it seems spring is here already. My garden is bursting with life and colour. Instead of delicate mushrooms I'm finding giant dark grey fungi, also very beautiful. Your panorama is spectacular, the clouds and landscape work perfectly together.

  7. I discovered your blog by chance a while ago and enjoy the photos that you post. I too am jealous of the view! What is the pink spiky flower that looks a bit like an unruly pompom? We don't have them here in France.

  8. V, P, C & JR - thanks for checking out the early beauty of spring - suggests better things to come? V - thanks - I also love the detail of the fungi. P - after the winter we have had I think I might welcome the heat - but I can say that now - let us see if I am still saying that in January. C - that fungi of yours appeared to be huge - beautiful and a bit ugly at the same time. JR - glad to have you checking out the blog from France. I'm not sure of the formal name of the flower - I also refer to it as a pompom flower. All - go well. B


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