Sunday, August 2, 2015

Last resin for a while

I did another series of 'as if holding water' (cold formed resin) earrings and pendants. Things I was testing: focussing on square and triangular shapes; leaving the metal with a brushed look; setting small metal fragments in the resin; and attempting to get the resin to set with minimum bubbles.

As you can see from the photos below I think I achieved my goals.

©2015 Barry Smith - Small squares (12mm) with gold jump rings and 1mm silver-plated punched pieces
©2015 Barry Smith - Small squares (15mm) with gold jump rings and 1mm silver-plated punched pieces
©2015 Barry Smith - Small square - as-if-holding-water earrings
©2015 Barry Smith -  Square pendants about 25mm
©2015 Barry Smith - Triangle pendants - about 30-35mm long
©2015 Barry Smith - Solid hammered sterling silver drops
©2015 Barry Smith - Square earrings - about 20mm - silver-plated brass
©2015 Barry Smith - Square earrings - about 20mm - silver-plated copper
©2015 Barry Smith - Back of the silver-plated copper earrings
I did deviate and made a trio of pendants out of she small (3-3.5cm in diameter) Starburst Bowls I had made from the bases of small goblets. I used metallic coloured beads in these pieces so I ended up with a few more bubbles.

©2015 Barry Smith - Hammered Starburst pendants
I think I have done enough resin work for the moment so I will give it a rest.


  1. They are just beautiful Barry!

  2. Oh Barry! so beautiful! I think I need to grow more ears!

  3. I like these very much, B, and you've mastered the bubbles. Very pretty. Like Amanda I need more ears. At the moment I seem to be wearing your earrings almost exclusively, and love them all.

  4. Hi P, JM, A & C - I'm pleased this little lot appealed - looks like I'm on the right track with them. They will probably pop up in an Expo in October I have been invited to participate in. I had to laugh regarding the number of people requiring more ears!!! C - pleased that some of my earrings are still favourites with you. All - go well. B


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