Friday, August 7, 2015


©2015 Barry Smith - Two of the 60+ countersunk screw holes that have to be drilled in the metal that wraps around one corner of each of the five posts (about 350 stainless steel screws). 
Yesterday and today I have been able to get a couple of blocks of time to start assembling the five peace posts I have been making components for over quite a few weeks-months. However like all parts of this commission the work is quite labour intensive and has to be done methodically.

Still I got to the stage where three posts only need their footing; and the other two will take a few hours to add metal

Some photos of the process.

©2015 Barry Smith - Aluminium plate attached to the post and about to be wrapped around it progressively using a large rubber mallet whilst clamps hold the post to the work bench
©2015 Barry Smith - Many globs of glue to hold the etched plates into the routed sections - only using two screws top and bottom
©2015 Barry Smith - Clamps holding middle sections of the etched plates whilst the glue dries
©2015 Barry Smith - An unusual piece of sculpture? Convenient place for the hand vacuum cleaner used to pick up the drilled metal and timber.
©2015 Barry Smith - Four posts standing tall.
©2015 Barry Smith - Corner detail showing the screwed metal plate contrasting with the etched leaf forms.
©2015 Barry Smith - Corner detail showing etched word and leaf forms.
I hope on Saturday-Sunday I can complete these pieces so that they are ready to be installed before International Peace Day on 21 September. Off to dinner with art friends tonight.


  1. looks this a sculpture for peace 2015 for the garden? and really love the vacuum set up especially...that is "up there for thinking".

  2. Looking good, and a lot of work.

  3. Peace posts are looking wonderful and will be so spectacular and meaningful when settled into their new home. Peace, Barry...

  4. AA, CE, P & C - sorry that I have been tardy in recognising your generous comments - must have been busy. AA - I agree they have turned out well. CE - it is for the garden of a friend - though Fiona has now 'ordered' a set of three for our block. P - yes lots of steps involved in making an installation of five. C - always welcome new ways to share or encourage a little peace. Go well and peace. B


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