Sunday, August 23, 2015

Simple beauty of feathers

Over the weekend all the garage-studio time went into finishing the covers for the 16 metal, paper and perspex books. Lots of grinding and polishing in readiness for taking the riveted metal plates tomorrow morning to be etched

On Saturday Fiona and I were invited for lunch with Liz and Pav who have 4 Guinea fowls. The heads of these birds are quite ugly as you can see from the last photo of this post; but the feather patterns are works of art. I thought I'd share a couple of shots of patterns from various parts of one of the birds. Some lovely folds in the feathers

And that ugly head - only another guinea fowl could like that.

Though there is not a lot to share art wise it was a creative and productive weekend.


  1. if you could just have the feathers and the good looks! but no a voice comes with. especially grating when the sun has not risen! the babies are very appealing but give them away before they learn to sing! wonderful photos

  2. Stunningly beautiful feathers - equally ugly head. The fates must have been in a rather odd mood the day Guinea fowls were created. They remind me a bit of turkeys. Only turkey feathers aren't nearly as gorgeous.

  3. Stunning feathers, B, and I must say I don't mind the heads. Not at all pretty but handsome in a really 'out there' way. Their song does push the limits just a tiny bit.

  4. Just goes to can't have everything.

  5. absolutely gorgeous feathers/photos
    and such an interesting head!

  6. S, L, J, C JM & TL - hi folks - thanks for your comments - always appreciate folk taking the time to do a comment. S - at least unusual. L - you are right about the noise - I think they are tolerated or loved for their feathers alone. J - yes turkeys and vultures. Fiona is the recipient of a container of feathers from time to time. C - way out there. JM - right. TL - thanks - not too bad for the iPhone and a moving bird. All - go well. B


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