Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A blush of sun and bees

As the title of the post indicates - this morning's walk was characterised by early sunlight catching and highlighting blossoms; and very noticeable bee activity.

©2017 Barry Smith - Caught by the sun - a white butterfly blossom with bee
©2017 Barry Smith  -Red of a rose bud intensified by early sunlight
©2017 Barry Smith - Caught by the sun - a pink butterfly blossom with acrobatic bee
©2017 Barry Smith - Stunning white
©2017 Barry Smith - Headfirst into the blossom
©2017 Barry Smith - Sun-worshipper
Off course there are always going to be a few other things that will catch one's eye during the week - captured by the iPhone and rediscovered when I get around to doing the Wednesday blog.

©2017 Barry Smith - A curtain of fine ariel roots on bushes outside one of our local coffee shops
©2017 Barry Smith - Very, very small worm with 'house'
©2017 Barry Smith - Ponytail blossom catching the fading afternoon light
©2017 Barry Smith - Rainbow on dining room table
I'm glad that it is possible to share a bit of summer with those who are experiencing intense cold.


  1. I'm always delighted by your rainbow photos - so beautiful on the timber.

  2. Hi C - a pleasure to share the colours textures and rainbows. B


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