Friday, January 27, 2017

Siblings not twins - funky Light Catchers

Yesterday I started a couple of smallish Light Catchers and finished them today.  I have had a collection of stuff spread one my 'inspiration table' for some time and this pair just asked to be made.

©2017 Barry Smith - Part of a Light Catcher
The main element in both pieces is vintage gas welding tips that are stored on the hexagonal centre piece. I had never seen one of these over all the years I have been doing small assemblage pieces and then suddenly two turned up in a couple of boxes of stuff from two different sources. Partly what I like about these objects is that whilst some of the welding tips are missing this provides the opportunity to move the others around to create their own pattern.

Of course my assemblages start with design, quite a bit of cutting, drilling and creating threads in bolts and on rods. Love piles of brass chipping created as by products of the process.

©2017 Barry Smith
©2017 Barry Smith - A pile if brass chipping
©2017 Barry Smith - Creating threads on brass tubing
The bits looking good after the grinding and polishing process.

©2017 Barry Smith - Beauty appears via the grinding and polishing
And then the assembling - both Light Catchers are looking good.

©2017 Barry Smith - Light Catcher - upward facing vintage lead crystal from NYC market - about 20cm high
©2017 Barry Smith - Light Catcher - detail of the base
©2017 Barry Smith - Light Catcher  - about 17cm high - downward facing crystal
©2017 Barry Smith - Sibling but not twin Light Catchers
It was a good way to spend part of my birthday and good to finish these today.


  1. Beautiful work, as always, Barry! Wishing you all the best for your birthday - may you be blessed with health, joy and peace of heart! xo

  2. Hi R - thanks for your comment and for birthday wishes. And equally thanks for your blessing - health, joy and peace of heart - we don't need a lot more than that. Go well. B

  3. These light catchers are wonderful, Barry! The brass has come up looking really splendid!


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