Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Beginning 2017 - rain and letter press

The year has started with some beautiful rain over the last couple of days; and it has brought some cool weather as well. As is the tradition in our household we have also started the year by printing our new year cards - this year we printed letterpress cards.

From the photos in this blog you will see why I needed a rain coat to do a walk on the block this morning. The wet surfaces and the misty whiteout offered some soft glimpses.

©2017 Barry Smith - Red crucifix orchids after rain
©2017 Barry Smith  - Mini white spider - 1cm across the front legs
©2017 Barry Smith  - Water basin in the light rain and mist

©2017 Barry Smith  - Droplets caught in an Argave

©2017 Barry Smith  - Very damp front entrance
This year I decided to use some old decorative ornaments as a border around the font (bit art deco) I was chose.
©2017 Barry Smith - Type locked up
Some of the ornaments were quiet dirty from lack of use as you can see from the photo below.

©2017 Barry Smith 
After a test run on the refurbished galley press I did a print run. You can check out Fiona's 2017 letterpress prints here.

©2017 Barry Smith 
©2017 Barry Smith  - Prints drying on the stairs
A nice cluster of new year post cards for writing on and sending out.

©2017 Barry Smith - Black on grey
The rain and the printing are both good firsts for 2017. May all have a year filled with peace, love and good health.


  1. Same to you Barry and Fiona!

  2. thank you barry, and to you and fiona as well.

  3. Hi A and V- thanks for checking out the post and leaving wishes for 2017. May we all have a good year of health and creativity. Peace. B


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