Sunday, January 29, 2017

Leather and leaves

Creativity took a couple of directions over the weekend: making a stash of journals from leather and blank journals discovered as part of the clean and cull; and making a leaf for a new baby.

There was quite a bit of leather - seconds from a tannery on the coast.

I managed to make seven journals in all - mainly pairs - except for the one with some fish leather decoration.

The baby's leaf includes the name and peace and love stamped on it. Of course IO made some love and peace give away leaves as part of the process.

I will continue to make the journals until I have used up the leather.


  1. Lovely journals and I love the idea of the leaf for a new baby. Our new great grandson seems to be doing well.

  2. I;ve been out of touch... you've entered into leather journal land. Great!

  3. Good to see you making some journals, B! They look great!

  4. Hi P, VA and C - sorry for my tardiness in responding to your generous comments. P - a name leaf is always a nice small treasure to take through life. VA - the journal thing comes-came from a bit of bookbinding history I had from many years ago - when I was young. C - I will only be making them until I run out of leather or the stock of journal blanks I have in stock. Go well. B


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