Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cloud train and other morning fragments

The sun is rising later (5.20am) at the moment so when Fiona and I get up there is still the hint of soft early morning light. Soon we will be able to see the sunrise.

On Monday there was an unusual cloud formation  in the east - looked a bit like a train or chain of clouds.
©2017 Barry Smith - Clouds in and across the valley
Over night there was a lot of dew - maybe it contributed to the soft defused light this Wednesday morning; as well as creating the mountain patterns on the rust wall.

©2017 Barry Smith - Soft valley light
©2017 Barry Smith - Dew running down the rust wall
Tree haven way offered beauty - leaves on the road and flowers unfurling in the gardens on the verges

©2017 Barry Smith  - Love the richness of these flowers - colour floating

©2017 Barry Smith - Such promise - yet to unfurl
I was a bit taken by the condition of the leaves as I cut through a treed area to get back onto our road. Looks like quite a few bugs have been having a feast.

And talking of feasting - a native rat has been harvesting some of our macadamia nuts and having quite the party.

Looking forward to more cool and soft mornings.


  1. I'm looking forward to soft mornings, Barry. Still too hot here for me. Lovely photos, I enjoy your morning walks. And how about the native rat being able to open a macadamia nut shell! Powerful and persistent little teeth.

  2. Hi C - the heat seems to be getting to us all - good to have a bit of coolness at the moment. Re the native rat - I totally agree. Peace. B


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