Friday, February 3, 2017

Recycle and resin

I'm just finishing the sorting phase of the year so hopefully will get to the first of my art projects over the weekend.

©2017 Barry Smith - Layers and layers of watch cogs
The bench was still littered with bits and pieces that need to be sorted including: giving a bit of new life to brass and steel ring objects; and I had to salvage some of the resin works done by the school children. Fortunately there was left over resin from the children's work which I had fun making a few pieces.

First the brass and still rings. After drilling out rivets and removing excess metal the bits were ready for polishing. They came up well.

I needed to salvage some of the children's resin work as we had a batch that did not harden. In the flurry of activity on the day we probably just did not measure and mix part A and part B properly. Bit of a mess as you can see below.

So I decided to redo 10 glasses and 10 bags of rubbish and resin. I know it does not replace the children's unique work but I just did not want them to feel that did not have a reminder from the workshop.

With the leftover resin I was able to set in resin: a slightly badly formed silver-brass metal heart; some convict nails; brass offcuts and a silver-plated starburst bowl; and finished the layers of watch cogs piece I have gradually built up from excess resin.

©2017 Barry Smith - Heart in glass (risen that is)
©2017 Barry Smith - Heart in glass
©2017 Barry Smith - Rusty antique handmade nails suspended in resin
©2017 Barry Smith - Layers of watch cogs - probably 10 layers - using up left over resin over the past year - set in hammered silver-plated bowl made from a goblet base. About 6-7cm in diameter and about 12-15mm deep.
©2017 Barry Smith - Brass offcuts and solid silver beads in a handmade hammered starburst vessel. This is a statement pendant - 5.5cm across and silver-plated chain 60cm long
©2017 Barry Smith - Back of pendant
These were good tasks to get finished on Friday. Almost time for pizza and red wine????


  1. Love the heart in glass, B, and all your resin pieces. I like the idea of having an ongoing piece to use up your lrft over resin each time. Your statement pendant is beautiful! And heavy, I imagine...

  2. Hi C - thanks for checking the post and leaving your comment. I think my l;airing is simply my unwillingness to waste the resin - still it is good to be able to have the vision to build the layers. Go well. B


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