Wednesday, February 8, 2017

After a mist of rain

Whilst the other side of the globe has been blanketed in snow on the mountain we have been hot and dry. So dry that I have noticed that the Magpies seem to be divesting themselves of under-feathers such as the one caught on one of our rusty sculptures on the block.

©2017 Barry Smith - Delicate feather caught on rust
But last night we got a light misting of rain (2mm) that seemed to wash the dust off many of the plants and gave them a fresh look; and of course many held droplets.

©2017 Barry Smith - Rain droplets in an Agave
©2017 Barry Smith - Holding water
©2017 Barry Smith - Glistening ginger
©2017 Barry Smith - Fresh and heavy with droplets and nectar
©2017 Barry Smith - Micro droplets
©2017 Barry Smith - Deep purple
©2017 Barry Smith - Curves
I'm glad I got out to photograph the Aquarian moon two nights ago. Though scudding clouds darkened the sky the moon features were strong.

©2017 Barry Smith - Strong dark moon
This afternoon there was a little more rain - for the plants and birds sake let us hope that there will be a little more. Even for the pumpkins that are taking over the coffee patch despite the lack of rain.

©2017 Barry Smith - A cascade of pumpkin vines
©2017 Barry Smith - Pumpkin hanging in there coffee bush


  1. Your photos are always a delight for the eyes ... mine caught on Curves and rested a while.

    And about feathers ... the Rio Grande turkeys that live in our neck of the woods shed feathers in late summer/early fall. As many as I have gathered over the years, I can't resist picking them up (after checking first for ants, which love them, too).

  2. All of these photos are a breath of fresh misty air but especially the second one; diving into photo # 2, drops on green, I come up refreshed. I've lived in the splendid flower infested tropical land of Maui; in the snow country of the Cascade Mountains in Washington; in the wildflower hill country of Texas; in the changing leaf country of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Now I live in the high desert country of New Mexico where finding green is elusive but the vast blue skies and the ever changing color wheel of brown, rust, sienna, beckons to explore trails. Each place offering beauty to the eyes and soul, much like your photos here.

  3. Stunning photos! I can almost smell those gorgeous blossoms.

  4. It's been a long, and very trying, summer. Thank heavens for a little relief.

  5. Hi LA, M, AA and JM - thanks for sharing the cool and clean air and plants with me. LA - so many of us tend to have a feather thing - I wonder why that is? M - you are so right - every place offers its unique beauty - we but need to keep our mind as well as our eyes open. AA - talking of smelling the blossoms - this year we have grown a lot more scented roses - I think this has been because of the hot weather. JM - and still we get a few lovely scudding showers. All go well and enjoy the beauty around us. B


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