Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colour, light and texture

There is no single title one can give a blog post such as this ones there are fragments from so many directions, themes and times.

Fiona and I were down the back of the block last Thursday picking the last of our small mango crop. I had been smart enough to take the iPhone with me as I knew I'd want to capture a couple of shots of the disintegrating organ that sits between the mango trees. The keys are doing a grand job collecting leaves.

©2017 Barry Smith - Keys and leaves
When we were in Toowoomba over the weekend I took quite a few shots of texture and colour -

©2017 Barry Smith - Fragment of wall art 1 
©2017 Barry Smith - Fragment of wall art 2
©2017 Barry Smith - Edge of a granite water feature to which someone had added blue dye
©2017 Barry Smith - Centre of a granite water feature to which someone had added blue dye
©2017 Barry Smith - Same tree, same bark but three colourations 
 There are always stray blossoms etc that capture the eye on my walk - sometimes because of the contrast of colour with light; and sometimes because of the unusual location of the object.

©2017 Barry Smith - Female pumpkin flower on vine that has decided to grow over the concrete near the shed
©2017 Barry Smith - Pinholes of light in the foliage beyond
©2017 Barry Smith - Colour and texture unfurling 
©2017 Barry Smith - A bright berry in the bushes
And the valley and hills to the south regularly deliver such differing light offerings.

©2017 Barry Smith - Mountains on fire on Sunday
©2017 Barry Smith - Mountains, light and ominous cloud
©2017 Barry Smith - Soft blue-grey re-autumn morning this morning
Yes texture, colour and light abound.


  1. beatiful photos of the old keys!

  2. P and MC - shocking neglect that I have not acknowledged you visit top the post and comments earlier - apologies. Thanks for sharing my part of the world. Go well. B


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