Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finishing the post and a couple of other images

Yesterday Fiona and I were in Toowoomba as Fiona had a full day of teaching.

I planned to use my time over there to search for silver-plated trays for my metal work. As it turned out there was no metal to be had; but I did manage to buy a great heavy copper hammer and a few light fittings; and I got to take a few photos of some local art including a couple of photos of posts as you can see at the end of this blog post.

Today I finished the community timber monolith (post) I was making on Friday. I love how the etched aluminium contrasts beautifully against the sanded and oiled timber.

©2017 Barry Smith - Etched aluminium (5cm high and 12cm long) screwed to timber post
A few images and different views of the post follow. The photos were taken with the post's feet pushed into my pile of stone mulch which is to be shovelled down onto the terraces below.

©2017 Barry Smith - Drilled ready for attaching
©2017 Barry Smith - Side faces of the post
©2017 Barry Smith- Front and side face (the plaque will sit between the two small etched plates at the top of the front face of the post - I cut a larger plate in half and reground the edges to make the two small plates).
©2017 Barry Smith - Looking down on the top plate and front face.
©2017 Barry Smith - Detail off an etched plate  (rotated on its side)
©2017 Barry Smith - I cut up another square etched plated into four to create these small rectangles at the base. A case of form and function - form is that they givs the post balance; and function is that they will reduce cracking of the base of the post.
©2017 Barry Smith - Post on top of 3cubic meters of gravel
I have ordered the plaque for the post; and hope to pick it up and attach it mid week. The post could then be installed in the community garden late next week.

Those couple of Toowoomba images.

©2017 Barry Smith - Indigenous story posts created by Aboriginal welding-engineering students over 20 years ago - and still telling their story 
©2017 Barry Smith - Corner detail of a very large granite column (post) near the Toowoomba regional gallery.
Of course there were a few more texture images that will go into my Wednesday blog post.


  1. good work everywhere. i like how your post came together, the leaves.

  2. V - thanks - I have yet to see it in situ at the Centre - but it has been delivered. Peace. B


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