Friday, January 13, 2017

Through the eyes of another

I have spent the last week: recovering from my bug; doing a cull and clean of my workspaces and stashes; and finally updating my online shop. I asked Fiona's niece Emily (Emilycmd) to take photos of products and do the tedious work of uploading (photos, words, pricing etc) the items into the shop.

I thought, in lieu of other art stuff for Friday, I would share some of the images Emily took and used. I like how Emily used the natural side light to create light and shadow. Interesting how someone can look at your work in a different way through their eyes.

©2017 Emilycmd - Detail of a Light Catcher
©2017 Emilycmd - Mountain forms on rust
©2017 Emilycmd  - Pods on white sand
©2017 Emilycmd - A line of Starburst bowls
©2017 Emilycmd  - Heart - flip-side - hope and peace
©2017 Emilycmd  - Light and texture of pyramids
©2017 Emilycmd  - Traveller's Shrine - tied and ready for travels
©2017 Emilycmd  - Bone and metal
©2017 Emilycmd  - Bone, stone and glass
©2017 Emilycmd  - A healing book pendant
©2017 Emilycmd  - Cascading crystals
©2017 Emilycmd  - As-if-holding-water earrings
©2017 Emilycmd  - Riveted earrings
©2017 Emilycmd - Bone and silver
©2017 Emilycmd - Leaf form earrings.
You are invited to check out the Shop and test the new dropdown menu of items - some new stuff in there - a few tidying up things to be done but I think the shop is looking good.


  1. Emily's photos are quite lovely! It is amazing how the familiar can take on a new look. All gorgeous, Barry, and now I'm off to look at the shop. Oh, and I've been missing in inaction for a few weeks but trying to get back to my favourite blogs. Starting with yours...

  2. Hi C - thanks for checking out the new look. It takes quiet a bit of effort to keep the site, shop and stock up to date. Go well in 2017. Peace. B


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