Friday, July 21, 2017

Creating reflections on water

As part of my 5 post commission I have been asked to add a water motif based on an actual black and white photograph. This motif will be attached to the five posts along with snake motifs (whole and part).

The image is to be created using a single etch non-acid etching process. I have tried to take the central swirling water aspects of the photo and, in  bold strokes, I want to create the sense of shimmering water surface against  a darker background. The blue on the metal (paint applied with a paint pen) will become the shimmering silver; and the uncoated parts of the plates will become the etch darker background.

As you can see above I also finished coating the rest of the snake motifs. I drew the snakes using the paint pen; and blocked out the rest using shellac. I the no too distant future there will be a big day of etching. But for now that has been a good milestone achieved.

Blogger is playing up so I can't add captions etc.

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