Sunday, July 23, 2017

Restoration and completion

There were quite a few demands on time over the weekend. Still one grabs bit of time when one can.

Recently we bought a small old chest of draws that we judged could become great for storing small parcels of letterpress type. I did not like the look of the old paint on the chest of drawers; and there were a few loose bits. So I decided to: do repairs; sand the whole thing; and give it all a few coats of matt finish. All of that was done with a mask on; and a good personal clean-up immediately after the job. I was worried about lead paint!!

The chest of draws is now ready for Fiona and I to fill with small sets of letterpress type.

©2017 Barry Smith - Small (about 60cm tall and 20cm square) chest of drawers with lovely aged patina
©2017 Fiona Dempster - not a bad backdrop to the outside work
©2017 Barry Smith - Drawers coated on every surface
©2017 Barry Smith - Standing tall?
I had three more small funky fish to finish to make up my next school of seven fish (A School of Funky Fish 2). So that was another task to complete - and I managed to do so.

I really like the lovely twists and turns of these smaller fish (about 15cm and 20cm long). All made from brass from old brass jardinieres and silver-plate from old trays.

©2017 Barry Smith - Three Funky Fish friends
©2017 Barry Smith - Single small Funky Fish - almost alive
I have modified the attachment of the brass rods to the smaller fish. In the past I glued them into place; but on these last three I riveted them in place with a 1.5mm brass rivet.

©2017 Barry Smith - Rivet looks better solution!!!
The seven look good as a school.

©2017 Barry Smith - A School of Funky Fish 2
Now to make the mounting board and cut the rods to length so the school can go for a swim.


  1. Really love those fish Barry.

  2. Good job.
    I love reconditioned function.

  3. little fishies=nice. so much torrential rain here that the partner bemoans the fly fishing... i do like your new type cabinet.


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