Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lighting up the clouds and other fragments

Over the past week I have been taken by how the moon and sun play with the clouds. I was woken one morning at 4.30am by Fiona 'sharing' the beauty of the setting moon with me - and of course I had to get out and capture images of the moon as it played hide and seek with the clouds and vice versa. I loved the way the light of the moon bounced off different layers and types of clouds. Moon photos taken with the Canon Powershot.

©2017 Barry Smith - Setting moon dripping light into the clouds
©2017 Barry Smith - Moon - flitting through layers of cloud
©2017 Barry Smith - Unusual colouring of cloud and moon
©2017 Barry Smith - Dark clouds races across the face of the moon
One afternoon and amazing fay of cloud fragments was set ablaze by the setting sun.

©2017 Barry Smith - Blazing sky
This morning I started my walk in darkness and was offered the spectacle of the moon through the tree at the top of the block; and the morning star through the powerlines on Treehaven way.

©2017 Barry Smith - Bright moon against a dark morning sky
©2017 Barry Smith  - A tiny fleck of morning star through the powerlines
After my exercise the sky was blue and the moon hug silver against the sky.

©2017 Barry Smith
The dandelion gone to seed was brilliant in the soft morning light.

©2017 Barry Smith
As was this brave rose of winter.

©2017 Barry Smith
Looking up and looking around fills the senses and the soul.

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  1. Woweeeeee, Barry, the moon images are amazing!!


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