Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Winter light

We are almost halfway through winter. I'm noting the light flowing through the northern windows in the kitchen - spraying light on the stone bench through the glass kettle and on other objects
©2017 Barry Smith - Reflected winter light
Catching the spray of small orchids.

©2017 Barry Smith - This spray of small orchids continues to demand a smile in the morning sunlight
Light in the valley is showing its faded winter morning colours -  pinks, greys and blues; and a pinpoint of sunlight reflected from a glass building in the CBD of Brisbane some 80klms away as the crow flies.

©2017 Barry Smith - Pastel valley colours
©2017 Barry Smith - Soft light and a reflected pinpoint of light on the horizon
The beautiful red maple leaves and the camellia blossoms are all but gone - sure sign that winter is really here.

©2017 Barry Smith - All but bare
Dusk seems also still to be falling quite early.

©2017 Barry Smith - Peace dove in a blue-grey twilight sky

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