Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Morning after rain

This morning's walk was in the mist - both going and coming home.

Lots of gorgeous fresh droplets of mist water.

Tiny spider webs accentuated by a slight covering of mist.

The fire pit has been totally filled - that will be appreciated by the birds.

The good news is that we have had quite a lot of rain; but it has been relatively gentle; and our tanks are once again full.


  1. Always nice to have gentle rain and full rainwater tanks.

  2. Love how you pictured a rainbow's worth of color ...

  3. can smell the rain in your photos, it's so dry down here in the Big Smoke!

  4. All beautiful, Barry, but those cobwebs are pure magic!

  5. P, L, MC, V and C - thanks for checking out the beauty of my walk. I just love the freshness of the colour and water after rain. P - full rain tanks are good. L - love that - rainbow fragments. MC - wishing you gentle rain. V - abundance indeed after the dry we have had. C - spiders and mist create the cobweb magic. All go well. B


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