Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The circle of peace

What a wonderful surprise came in the post a couple of days ago. Luthien of Altered Alchemy sent me a stash of gorgeous and intricate Bookmarks for Peace for gifting on to other folk to promote peace.

I had sent Luthien a stash of Peace Leaves to be distributed for peace. Her beautiful response was not only to distribute the Peace Leaves; but also to make the stash of Bookmarks for peace.

These Bookmarks for Peace are part of the important circle of peace - they will just keep the peace ripples going.


  1. Yes, ripples far and wide, offerings, talismans, markings and makings embedded with the simple wish that is far from simple, PEACE. Yet by the many caring makings, your Peace leaves Barry, Fiona's written Peace words and weather gams, Liz's Imagine Peace pins, Luthiens Peace bookmarks, far from simple becomes connective and far spread...ripples that continue to inspire and offer hope and I thank you all.

  2. deeply special...i remember all the smiles you created when i passed on the peace leaves.

  3. love her work, I have one of her necklaces' and earrings, the peace bookmarks are stunning!


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