Friday, October 13, 2017

The hard work of an installation on the block

Sculpture on the edge of the 'rock river' - the sculpture stands 2m tall
I roped in neighbours and a fellow artist to help with the task of installing the big (and heavy) post assemblage-sculpture in the photo above. A bit of a scruffy, generous and willing team.

The challenge was to take the sculpture from outside the studio-garage, down a steep flight of rural stairs and along two further terraces before lifting it into place. Fiona guided the team, gave a lift and push here and there, gave advice on orientation and straightness, and took most of the photos.

I had dug the hole in the cool cloud of an early morning.

The following photos show some aspects of the low-tech installation process.

Of course one needs  a photo of the detail

And a couple more of the sculpture from a couple of different parts of the house

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  1. Barry I really enjoyed Fiona's photos showing the logistics of installing your sculpture. I love it, especially the oxidised metal details and it's location.


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