Sunday, October 8, 2017

Small shallow vessels

I was meant to be making 'product' (Leaf Spoons and Leaf Pate Knives) for Maleny Additions and Entangle in Dayboro. But then I realised I needed to make a few bowls for gifts. So I made the vessels first. I did make a good start on the 'product' as well.

Metal for small bowls usually comes from the bases of silver plated objects like goblets or small round trays; or sections of small silver-plated trays. Bases of the objects can often look pretty bad before hammering and polishing.

In the end I made six small bowls that I refer to as Star Bursts or Fungi depending on the shape of edge of the vessels.

An a gorgeous couple of small bowls from copper offcuts - I polished the copper bowls with a brass wheel which transferred a film of brass onto the copper.

I made three very recycled looking shallow bowls from the bases.

I have enough bowls to choose the three gifts I want.


  1. Lovely! My response to the first photo was that they looked like limpets, then fungi, yes! I could see a collection of these clustered onto one of your weathered wooden posts :)

  2. Oh yes, just like Valerianna I went to the memory of walking along the shores of Puget sound and gathering limpets as a child and young woman and then with my children. So very, very beautiful.

  3. Hi VA and KAM - thanks for your visit and comments. It is so interesting that you both went to organic things in terms of what the vessels look like. In fact the shape is inspired by small bowl shaped fungi that grow on damp wood after rain. Go well. B


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