Friday, May 4, 2018

Cute Artisan Lamp and a whole cluster on the work table

©2018 Barry Smith - Looking funky 
Today I have finished my current run of Artisan Lamps. I have finished off a couple of retro-funky lamps - one made from what I think was a very early electric coffee pot water kettle; and the other from a vintage solid fuel soldering iron head.

A couple of before and after photos of the bits on the grinding-polishing bench.

©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
Then the testing of the lamps after cords and globes have been added to the assembled bits.

©2018 Barry Smith - Looking quite the vintage light wirth the bakelite fitting
©2018 Barry Smith - Very sculptural piece
©2018 Barry Smith - Coffee water heater based lamp - quite retro?
©2018 Barry Smith - I drilled through the old electric plug fitting area as the entry point for the new cord 
A forest of lamps on the work table - ready for market.

©2018 Barry Smith - Now that is what I call a gathering of Artisan Lamps - 12 in all
I now need to turn my attention back to hammering metal.


  1. hmmmm the collective noun for artisan lamps???...a current?, a glow?, a spark?, a volt?, an edison? Whatever it is, they are brilliant (?a brilliance?) gathered together like that - and individually quirky! Fabulous effort.

  2. Barry,
    Very creative.

  3. Hi F and T - thanks for your encouraging and support through your comments. F - I do like a brilliance of lamps. Go well. B


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