Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Light, lines and looking up

There is no doubt that we are just over one month away from the shortest day of the year. Light when we rise for our exercise-walk is now close to dark - but through the iPhone lens there are some great deep colours.
©2018 Barry Smith - A dark painted morning sky
Some of the plants indicate they are finished for this season.

©2018 Barry Smith - Purple Agapanthus - finished for the year
Birds, clouds and powerlines dominated the walk along Treehaven Way.

©2018 Barry Smith - Kookaburra - silent sentinel against a grey morning sky
©2018 Barry Smith - A lace of clouds highlighted by soft morning light
©2018 Barry Smith - Galahs doing early morning preening
Light refracted through the water and clear glass kettle never fail to intrigue me.

©2018 Barry Smith - Very swirly rainbow on the stone kitchen bench 
©2018 Barry Smith - Peacock colours on the stone kitchen bench
 Orchids have there own way of offering colour and light

©2018 Barry Smith - Ground orchid
©2018 Barry Smith - Dazzling red crucifix orchid by the book wall.


  1. Something wonderful arrived in the mail today. Thank you so much. It is very special. P


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