Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Majestic moon and tricks of the camera

©2018 Barry Smith - Tuesday's morning moon - appears to be hanging in a lead grey sky (about 6.15 am)
On Monday and Tuesday morning I managed to take of few photos of the full and almost full moon. On Monday I took photos when it was still dark and then again at dawn. On Tuesday the photos were again at dawn; but the moon was still a long way off setting.

At times I find the camera (Canon Powershot) can just decides to do its own thing when on auto focus mode. As I zoom in I find the lens can pick up different aspects of the image and so if one takes the photo at that split second one ends up with some unusual shots.

A few different images follow with a bit of info in the captions.

©2018 Barry Smith - Monday pre-dawn moon and star in a navy sky (about 4am) 
©2018 Barry Smith - Zooming on the moon and picking up the cloud selected on the atmosphere-clouds
©2018 Barry Smith  - Zooming even more on the moon and picking up the cloud selected on the atmosphere-clouds
©2018 Barry Smith - The same moon as above but with the focus actually on the moon - interesting that it shows up as rusty whereas the one above shows no detail as the focus of the camera flares out
©2018 Barry Smith - The camera picks up the morning foreground and reflected light ion the clods - leaves the moon as a silver-gold disk
©2018 Barry Smith - Focus is on the setting moon so the foreground is a dark 
©2018 Barry Smith - Virtually the same photos as below but the camera again picks up the foreground and its soft dawn light
©2018 Barry Smith - Almost set - moon in focus
©2018 Barry Smith - Camera focus could not make up its mind so one gets some interesting colours and contrasts
©2018 Barry Smith - Moon in focus and zoom on Tuesday morning (about 6.15am)
©2018 Barry Smith - A little less zoom
©2018 Barry Smith - The moon as it appear in the soft dawn light of Tuesday morning

It has been a while since I have taken moon photos; but for me  it was worth getting up early.


  1. what magnificent images. Irene in Northern Ireland

  2. What a gorgeous series! The moon is endlessly fascinating.

  3. seriously gorgeous photographs Barry - and what a moon!

  4. Thank you from cloudy Texas, where the moon was nowhere to be seen this time around. I especially like series of the moon setting into the treeline ...

  5. Hi I, P, MC, D, SB and LA - thank you all for sharing the moon with me. I - amazing - northern Ireland!!! P - thanks - the moon does the work. MC - you are right a huge and fortunately clear moon. D - glad there are many moon lovers. SB - thanks - and yes what a moon. LA - glad that I was able to share so that you could have the moon irrespective of what the clouds were doing. All - go well. B


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