Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fragments on walls and some amazing young people's art

©2018 Barry Smith - Very large (2mX2m) mural on a building site gate - layered over tags
I must say that I'm not a great fan of spray can tags defacing walls and public building etc. But mural wall art done well or turning ugly spaces into art is a form that I can appreciate.

©2018 Barry Smith  - Cheeky cockatoo on an ugly 1m cube concrete footpath bollard 
©2018 Barry Smith  - Just love the huge scale of this mural looking down - love those eyes
I particularly like some of the art that is using paper and soluble glue so that it becomes ephemeral wall art.

©2018 Barry Smith  - Great images and subtle colour on a A4 page
©2018 Barry Smith  - Poster - love the painterly strokes of colour
©2018 Barry Smith  - Over 1m tall - so real - but also so ephemeral
The following couple of pieces of art by young female artists just have such strong mediums, composition and messages - art is in good hands with such artists.

©2018 Barry Smith  - Incarceration by Ashleigh Speechley - love the way she has used the white shroud like fabric to communicate the entrapped and struggling nature of incarceration
©2018 Barry Smith  - Madeline's statement about this strong piece is below.


  1. As much as I appreciate the mastery demonstrated by traditional representational artforms, when given the choice I gravitate toward more contemporary works. The pictures you have included here perfectly illustrate why that is so ... I love seeing so much thought-provoking energy loosed upon the world!

  2. Hi LA - Glad you liked the bits of contemporary and issue based and thoughtful art. Great we can use the quiet voice of art to highlight tough issues. Go well. B


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