Friday, June 1, 2018

A couple of fungi sets and the tools to create them

©2018 Barry Smith - A Fungi Bowl line up - reflecting the setting sunlight
Though there were many distractions along the way today I managed to get two sets of small Fungi Bowls finished (though yet to have their final polish.) The largest bowl is just over 6cm and the smallest just over 5cm.

I often speak of my hammers and stakes so I thought I'd share a couple of photos of the hammer and stakes used to create the fungi bowls.

©2018 Barry Smith - Hand made Japanese style metal working hammer - made in Portland Oregon - heavy serious hard hammer - it has seen a lot of work 
©2018 Barry Smith - Metal working stakes these are held in a heavy vice - the larger one was handmade in Portland Oregon
The photos were taken in the later part of the afternoon so there are long shadows and reflections of the sun beginning to set.

©2018 Barry Smith - The larger Fungi Bowl trio
©2018 Barry Smith - The smaller Fungi Bowl trio
©2018 Barry Smith - View of the backs of the Fungi Bowls
©2018 Barry Smith - Nestled together
It was good to complete what I started. Time now for roast pumpkins and blue cheese risotto and a glass or two of red.


  1. Can I come and eat at your place? Sounds delicious. Like those bowls and rather gorgeous tools.

  2. love seeing the tools that help you realize these beauties!

  3. Hi P and MC - thanks for checking out the post - I just discovered how to deal with the fact that Blogger is no longer notifying us of comments. P - haha - 'twas a great risotto for two nights. P and MC - glad you liked the tools - I think it is useful to share processes and tools of the trade. Go well. B


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