Sunday, June 24, 2018


©2018 Barry Smith - A firm grip on the Tea Caddy Leafspoon as I polish on the cotton jeweller's polishing wheel - the gloves have seen better days.
Over the weekend I got stuck into the stash of metal I had cut on Thursday and Friday. The first task was to make a batch of Tea Caddy Leafspoons as both Maleny Additions and Entangle were out of stock.

The metal blanks were marked up and cut and then the blank forms went through their process of transformation.

©2018 Barry Smith - Silver-plated blanks marked up
©2018 Barry Smith - Quite a lot of cutting with small curved metal shears
©2018 Barry Smith - Bowl section of the spoons formed ready for the leaf section to be folded, hammered and then opened
©2018 Barry Smith - Forms partially opened 
©2018 Barry Smith - Forms opened, edges ground and ready for polishing with cotton wheel and silver polish
©2018 Barry Smith - Looking shiny after polishing
©2018 Barry Smith - Six of the 16 leaves had brass back as the silver-plated just disintegrated in the hammering process

As you can see from the photos I made 16 Tea Caddy Leafspoons in all. I thought I had 15 blanks but as it turned out there were 16.


  1. so many makers i know now are busy making it a thing that i've not known about? anyhow, yours are delightful!

  2. Four fours ... 2 to the 4th power ... a perfect even-ing

  3. I find it quite fascinating watching this process of yours step by step Barry. And then seeing the final photos of the finished pieces ... what a transformation. Lovely.

  4. Hi P, V, LA MC & SB - sorry for my delayed response to your welcome and generous visits and comments. P & MC - thanks. V - interesting that you say that as an artist friend of ours has started carving wooden spoons. LA - LOL. SB - I know the process intrigues me and as you say a satisfaction to see the transformation from discarded tray to something practical but attractive as well. Go well. B


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