Friday, June 29, 2018

Off to market

©2018 Barry Smith - Sixteen Leafspoons ground and polished - yet in need of a twist and final cloth polish
I have been making product to go to Maleny Additions and Entangle. This can be fairly mundane creativity. I can put a bit more interest into the work if I: look for ways to improve the pieces; streamline the techniques; and find new 'tools.

The photos below show some steps in the process of making 16 Leafspoons and the photo captions give an idea of what I mean by streamlining and or finding tools that work better.

©2018 Barry Smith - Four of the found tools that I suet progressively and gently unfold the leaves - the fifth step is setting the leaf on the anvil with a plastic-nylon mallet. From left to right the tools are: head of a chisel shaped hammer, wine barrel chisel, carpet layer's chisel and a heavy duty cheer knife.
©2018 Barry Smith - Leaves unfolded but they need the spoon section to be created
©2018 Barry Smith - Thumbprint like indent in the end grain of a piece of hardwood used for forming the spoon bowl shaped section 
©2018 Barry Smith - Leafspoons in the rough
©2018 Barry Smith - The six hammers I use in the Leafspoon making process
Ten of the Leafspoons, along with 10 Tea Caddy Spoons, will be delivered to Maleny Additions tomorrow. There are some who say that people only really buy the Leafspoons so that they can get one of Fiona's handmade swing tags - could be right.

©2018 Barry Smith Leafspoons with swing tags - ready for delivery - made from recycled silver-plated trays
A good Friday in the garage-studio.


  1. Love the indented endgrain ... such an elegantly simple solution

  2. LA - thanks - sometimes the simplest can be the most effective. Go well. B


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