Sunday, June 10, 2018

Letterpress weekend

©2018 Barry Smith - Love the creative swirl of letterpress ink
As Fiona indicated in her blog post we spent a great weekend teaching an Intensive Introduction to Letterpress workshop to couple of passionate letterpress women. You can check out Fiona's post for more info and images from the workshop.

I'm having heaps of issues with blogger so I shall just share a few images and limp away from the computer.

©2018 Barry Smith - In-depth conversation between Fiona, Ute and Jess about trays of gorgeous wood type
I worked with Jess today - so a few images of her work

You just have to love it when folk grab the art form and do such creative things with it.


  1. your studio space is so organized!

  2. as the printing comes up better and better i can imagine the excitement. i love that blue.

  3. MC and V - sorry most neglected visitors. MC - the organisation of the letterpress studio is Fiona's work - though we are both trying to find a new balance with our art practice. V - and yes you may yet even experience it on one of your visits down under - though generally you are very far south. Go well. B


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