Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dark winter walks

©2018 Barry Smith - Star in the sky, house lights in the valley and the lights of Brisbane Port and CBD
©2018 Barry Smith - First blush of light in Treehaven Way
This mornings walk certainly started on the dark side. It wan't until I returned home that the valley had begun to show it's winter dawn colours of blue and pink.

©2018 Barry Smith - Winter morning colour - on a cold clear morning
But there is always a winter flower, last of the season's camellias, to give colour to the block.

©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
And what is not to love about yesterday's moon in the sky before sunset.

©2018 Barry Smith- Moon before sunset - hanging in a grey-blue sky (Canon Powershot)


  1. Freezing cold here, what about up there?

  2. The last image, showing how the interior edge of the moon is not a perfectly smooth curve ... I needed to see this and thank you for it


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