Wednesday, June 27, 2018


The last week has been a week of contrasts: sunny day; cold and windy days; and the last few days dreary drizzly rain and dim overcast light.

These contrasts can be seen in the photos following.

The sun casting rainbows into the house through louvre glass edges - an intense rainbow was playing on a Alex Bridge's small dark painting (Cause and Effect) on our wall of small things. The rainbow overlay could only be seen with this intensity from one specific spot in the office.

©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on a segment of Alex's painting
Sun shining on the Ken Munsie's garden stake chair sculpture at the entrance to the house - highlighting the patina on a fallen peace bird and the rescued bird's nest.

©2018 Barry Smith 
©2018 Barry Smith
And this morning - there was no walk as it was drizzling. Early light through the lens was dark-navy blue - so dark that the iPhone lens was distorting the colour in an effort to pick up the detail of the leafless tree.
©2018 Barry Smith - A ghost of a the tree at the top of the drive in the navy light
©2018 Barry Smith - Play of dim light from a solar pathway light
About a half hour later a small amount of colour and definition was emerging.

©2018 Barry Smith - The tree at the top of the drive emerges
©2018 Barry Smith - Looking south into the valley - some layers of ghostly grey green

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