Friday, May 18, 2018

Delivery run - lamps, ladles and leaves

©2018 Barry Smith - Small ladle with vintage copper soldering iron handle
On Wednesday afternoon I did a trip to Dayboro to drop off lamps, ladles and leaves to Entangle living art.

©2018 Barry Smith - Nola Atkins of Entangle amidst the joyous gathering of stuff in the shop-gallery - photo taken from an article in the Courier Mail done on Entangle
The 12 Artisan Lamps on the workbench all went down.

©2018 Barry Smith - A stash of Artisan Lamps
Reports on the progress of these lamps have been included in earlier posts. For some reason the little quirky lamp below got a special reception!!!

©2018 Barry Smith - Just a quirky little number
Nine ladles were well received - see some of them below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Large soup ladle
©2018 Barry Smith - Smaller ladles - great for serving curries etc
I also delivered 9 larger patinated leaves (20-25cm long); and three sets of small leaves (about 12-14cm long).

©2018 Barry Smith - Larger leaves with very autumn patination ones 
©2018 Barry Smith - A trio of small patinated copper leaves 
Quite a stash - hopefully that will result in sales for me and Nola. Today I made a good start on some 'funnel forms' and did a bit more sorting in the studio-garage. Time for a Friday night red wine I think.


  1. Just wandered through the Entangle web site ... what a perfect (temporary) home for your creations. Surely those who are drawn to the Old Butter Factory will be equally entranced by your latest lamps, leaves and ladles.

  2. LA and MC - thanks for your comments - sorry for my tardy response. LA - you are very kind in your comments; but also right about being able to sell stuff when they are displayed in the right setting. MC - an array of artisan lamps - I like that. Peace. B


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