Sunday, April 29, 2018


©2018 Barry Smith - I love the curly bit on this smaller Artisan Lamp - about 20cm high
I got some time both yesterday and today to put the finishing touches to four lamps in all: I finished grinding and polishing the last two from Friday so I was able to assemble them and add cords and light fittings; I put a new cord on the lamp with the pulley wheels as the rocker switch on the first cord was faulty; and I finished the assembling a fourth lamp and added the cord and light fittings.

Few photos of three of the lamps.

©2018 Barry Smith - Shiny bits
©2018 Barry Smith - Highlights in the darkness
©2018 Barry Smith - Quite a tall lamp - old broken industrial temperature gauge  - and light fitting from Krakow
©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith - This lamp has many bits from old gas light fittings and a bakelite light fitting
©2018 Barry Smith - Looks a bit out of proportion but in reality it is quite well balanced
I also did a bit of clean up of the work surfaces in the garage-studio and discovered parts for another two lamps that I think will come together during the week.

©2018 Barry Smith
All in all a good weekends work.


  1. love how they have come together especially the one with the temperature gauge!

  2. Love this body of your work. Love my shoelamp best though. X

  3. Stunning, Barry! Really so elegant and cool!
    Carol x


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