Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Another day of mist, moisture and other fragments.

There have been many mornings lately where we are totally shrouded in mist; and it was another such morning today. Through it is dark there are also beautiful qualities - the quietness, soft blue-greys and almost water colour painting quality to the light and images - such as the street light and bushes in the photo below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Walking towards home along Treehaven Way
©2018 Barry Smith - Looking up at the lines
©2018 Barry Smith - Powerlines disappearing into the mist
The moisture is clinging to many things including the insect screens and webs.

©2018 Barry Smith - Droplets suspended on the lattice of the insect screen 
©2018 Barry Smith - Droplets and micro droplets on a spider's web on the insect screen
©2018 Barry Smith - Droplets on a micro web on a few leaves of a Rosemary bush
The flowers are possibly enjoying soaking in the moisture.

©2018 Barry Smith - Orchid with droplets
©2018 Barry Smith - Glistening after rain
©2018 Barry Smith - Our Camellias are beginning to bust forth to collect the rain and mist
And of course there are gorgeous delicate fungi to be encourage by the moisture and decaying wood.

©2018 Barry Smith - Such a joy to see these translucent fungi


  1. wow,love the photos of the mist on the grid of the screen!

  2. Lovely photos Barry. Thank you for commenting.xx

  3. MC and P - thanks for checking out the photos - I think of it as just sharing my backyard with other artists - good to know how each other's world are like. Go well. B


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