Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fragments from away and home

Fiona and I were away for the weekend for a family wedding. There is always time to be filled on such occasions and we managed a couple of art experiences including checking out a ceramics exhibition from the collection of the Perc Tucker Gallery. Images of a few of the fragments that caught my eye.

©2018 Barry Smith  - From The Bridge by Jenny Mulcany
©2018 Barry Smith - From Journey into Argyle by Jeff Mulcham
©2018 Barry Smith  - Fragment of s vessel by Len Cook
©2018 Barry Smith  - Sphere by Ray Rogers
©2018 Barry Smith  - Fragment from work by Jeff Mulcham
On my morning walk today light, reflections, rust and droplets featured as you can see from below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Sunrise
©2018 Barry Smith - Reflections of clouds on Fire-pit bowl with mountain in the background
©2018 Barry Smith - Pumpkin flower with ants and droplets
©2018 Barry Smith - Droplets
©2018 Barry Smith - Chain with leaves
We seem to be emerging from the daily showers of rain. I was able to get the gras mowed on Monday; and lots of weed cutting down the back this afternoon.


  1. these are all such beautiful photographs but the last one of the rusted chain with leaves is so wet I can feel it, a wonderful catch!

  2. Hi MC and R - thanks for checking out Wednesday iPhoneography and l;having your comments. MC - we can be fortunate to have things catch our eye. R - sometimes the texture just speaks to us. Go well. B


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