Friday, April 13, 2018

This might go with that

©2018 Barry Smith - A table full of goodies to be used in Artisan Lamps
I decided to use my studio/garage time today doing the foundation work of a number of Artisan Lamps. I'm planning to progress 5-6 lamps as a group.

The foundation work involves checking out my bank-stash of collected and found objects to see what is interesting and what might go with what. I then put small groups together in the belief-hope that I can bring them together into a coherent whole. Below are photos of the 8 groups that I ended up with.

©2018 Barry Smith - Cutting down and recycling the base from a older lamp that did not sell and adding gas welding bits 
©2018 Barry Smith - Brass drain grate, antique gas lighting bits and recycled copper pipe
©2018 Barry Smith - Pipe threader, cast iron wheel and odds bits
©2018 Barry Smith - Broken thermometer, press gauges and another cast iron wheel
©2018 Barry Smith Wooden shoe form, antique gas lifting fitting and different size brass pipe
©2018 Barry Smith - Antique gramophone arm, clock base and gas lighting pipe.
©2018 Barry Smith - Wheels will be the main statement of the lamp that comes from these bits
©2018 Barry Smith - Wood and brass builders tools
The above process takes quite some time as I need to check that I'm going to be able to create threads for the light fittings and also entry and exit points for the cables. I often need to create threads also to connect pieces. I needed to make sure I had enough light fittings for the lamps.

©2018 Barry Smith - Stash of brass and bakelite light fittings - more than I need - some won't be used this time
Now begins the process of finessing the objects in readiness for grinding and polishing before assembling can occur. Hopefully I can get a couple of the lamps progressed on Sunday


  1. Lots of fun stuff here ... I'm especially interested in watching the transformation of the shoe last

  2. back in the 70's I lived in a big old rambling share house in Adelaide that had brass light switches we loved them but one day the landlord sent in the electricians who replaced them all with plastic switches claiming it was for our safety then to add insult to injury wouldn't let me have the old fittings, so good to see yours!


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