Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rainbows bring colour to a rainy day

©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow - not bending around the corner
On Monday the house was full of rainbows. As Fiona said as the sun tracks north in autumn and winter the morning sun through the edges of our glass louvres sends rainbows onto many surfaces.

©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on the Wall of Small Things
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on fabric covered chair
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on a filing paper stack
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on black woven fabric of the office chair
©2018 Barry Smith - Rainbow on a sheet of paper on the printer
This was in contrast to today where the valley and my walk was in grey and foreboding light.

©2018 Barry Smith - Beautiful blue-grey tones of the valley with a blush of pink
And yet the pumpkins,  camellias and crucifix orchids make their own statement in Autumn.

©2018 Barry Smith - Pumpkins in hiding
©2018 Barry Smith - Female pumpkin flower with ants
©2018 Barry Smith - The purity of newly emerged white crucifix orchids
©2018 Barry Smith - Delicate pink camellia
The morning walk though grey was filled with quiet.


  1. The textures caught in your photos make a great case for iPhoneography ... eye candy for sure!


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